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TouchME Nano is a revolutionary textile perfume and odour neutralizer

Shake, Spray, Dry, Touch, Enjoy!


Smart Perfume and Odour Neutralization

Use TouchME Nano to leverage the innovative technology of nano particles and make everything you touch smell beautiful!

Spray it on any textile surface now and activate the scent just when you need it, up to a year from now, with a single touch! Let yourself be seduced by the dazzling scent whenever you want!

TouchME has the most pleasant, softest rinsing scents which particularly formulized to revoke the freshness and purity.

Apply it directly on all textiles like your couch, curtains, pillows and clothes, in your car or on vacation to instantly enjoy that refreshing, familiar smell.

Enjoy the revolutionary nano technology

The prefix "nano", like "kilo", denotes the size of an object. A nanometer corresponds to a billionth of a meter (10−9 m). With the help of a special and patented process, TouchME® uses an encapsulation in the nanometer range to keep the relevant active ingredients under lock and key. Minimal physical contact opens the encapsulations and their innermost part emerges. Always at the right time!


Are you a pet owner?

Would you like your furry friends to smell wonderful all the time as well? TouchME has a solution for you! Our dermatologically tested and certified TouchME PET product line has the same easy-to-use, easy-to-enjoy properties as the main fragrances. Perfectly safe to use on your pet's environment, and even directly apply it on their fur! You'll never have to endure a less-than-optimal scent again!

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